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The Key Stage 1 and 2 Curriculum

During Year 1 and Year 2, the children will follow a structured programme of study for the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy every morning and this will be based upon the National Curriculum programmes of study, as follows:

Areas of focus in Mathematics

  • Counting and Understanding Number-counting, addition and subtraction, ordering and comparing;
  • Securing Facts-Shapes (2D and 3D), Estimation, Number Bonds, reading and writing numerals;
  • Data Handling and Measuring-collecting and interpreting information, length, weight, capacity and simple graphical representations i.e. pictograms;
  • Calculating, measuring and understanding shape-time, directions, difference, units of measurement;
  • Securing number facts, relationships and calculating-problem solving, money, mathematical diagrams, addition and subtraction sentences, division and multiplication, counting on in 1's, 2's, 5' and 10's patterns.


Areas of focus in Literacy

  • Narrative: Stories with familiar settings, stories from a range of cultures/stories with predictable and patterned language, traditional and fairy tales and stories about fantasy worlds;
  • Non-Fiction: Labels, lists and captions;
  • Instructions, recounts, dictionary, information texts and recount (fact and fiction);
  • Poetry: Using the senses, pattern and rhyme and poems on a theme.

Every afternoon, the children will follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is a curriculum that has been highly praised by Ofsted and is revolutionising learning in 1500 schools in 85 countries across the world.

The curriculum is thematic in its approaches, teaching non-core subject areas i.e. History, Art, PE, Music, Design and Technology, Geography and Personal Health and Social Education through unit themes such as ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Circus’ and ‘Earth-Movers’. Additionally, all units have a strong international theme and take greater account of modern technology.

Each theme begins with a ‘WOW’ day in order to introduce the theme to children and ensure all children have a good base knowledge, before embarking on their studies and each unit ends with a celebratory event to which parents will be invited.

Furthermore, as an IPC school, all children will have access to a learning platform in order for them to access schools in other countries, whose pupils are also studying a specific theme/unit of work.  This will help to bring learning to life as, for instance, if studying earthquakes, the children could link to pupils living in an earthquake zone and talk to them about what life is like in their country and observe footage of the earthquakes that have taken place there.

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As an integral part of our day, the children will also follow a bespoke Ethics and Philosophy programme, which will also be driven by different themes every half term i.e. respect, self-discipline etc. The school specialisms of Mathematics and Expressive Arts will be a major focus of all that the children do and we  also integrate a Modern Foreign Language, Sanskrit and a Yoga programme into our weekly plans.