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Key Stage Three Curriculum

Once in our final building, the traditional three year Key Stage Three Curriculum will be condensed into two years – Years 7 & 8 –  allowing a three year Key Stage Four curriculum with the chance of early entry GCSEs and possible early access onto some post-16 modules. Until that time, although key stage 4 elements will be covered in some subjects in year 9, key stage 3 comprises years 7 - 9.

From September 2015, there is a six-hour teaching day with the week comprising 6 x 1 hour periods

Subject Periods
Art/Computing/DT 3
Drama/Dance/Music 3
English 3
History 2
Mathematics 3
Language (Spanish or French) 3
Sanskrit 1
Physical Education 2
Science 3
Philosophy, Religion & Ethics 3
Citizenship/Life Skills 2

Yoga will be taught as part of the Dance / Drama curriculum. The Philosophy, Religion and Ethics curriculum will cover major religions, philosophy and moral issues across a broad range of contexts. As pupils progress into key stage 4, there will be a greater opportunity to personalise the curriculum but all students will retain the core elements of the English Baccalaureate namely English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography and a Modern Foreign Language.

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